Image result for Career OrienteeringThe old methods of choosing a career are just not as effective as they once used to be. New methods along with technology have been developed to make the career choice one that is more productive.

This website is dedicated to informing those who are interested in a career about these new ways. One of these is career orienteering which is exciting and allows many who use it to be more proactive in making their career the best that it can be. There are different sectors of career orienteering that are affected by different components. The way that this site is designed into sections makes it much easier to understand the concept of orienteering and job searching.

Career Orienteering

This is an introductory section that allows interested readers to familiarize themselves with this concept. There are tips for career mapping and some suggestions as to how to use this.

Finding a Job Section

Here there is a distinction made between jobs and careers. It will help those who are looking for employment with their decision making. It highlights the importance of going about job hunting in the right manner.

The Right Resources

Anyone that wants to be successful in their job hunting or career advancement needs as much help as they can get. There is an excellent book section here that pertains to these topics. Some of them may be used as a form of mentoring.

Recent News

This section is a mix of information as it relates to different job markets. It also has an example section of an industry that is exciting and can create career opportunities.