Are There Jobs That May No Long Exist in the Future?

Image result for Are There Jobs That May No Long Exist in the Future?When students are looking at what they want to do with their future they often look at what career they can choose for stability. When they do they want to look at industries that they know are going to provide them with work for many years to come.

Is it Possible Some Jobs May Not Exist?

Some experts are indicating that the future may be such that some jobs will become obsolete because they no longer serve a purpose.

Some Utility Positions

Many of the utility companies use meters to track the usage of their product. While this was a great system it meant they had to hire meter readers who were assigned a route that they would service each month. These meter readers had the job of reading the meters in their territory for billing purposes. Now with new technology, these workers are being replaced with remote technology.


Some experts express a real concern about the future for broadcasters. They are blaming this as being a dying career because the mobile devices have replaced them. But, there are others that are saying that technology is going to open new doors for those who want to choose broadcasting as their career.


This is already an industry that has been hit hard because of modernization. The younger generation goes for trends. Tailors go for quality. So there are two worlds here that are far apart.

Doing the Proper Research

It can be pretty difficult to determine how the future is going to affect an industry. But, it is an extra challenge that young graduates of today face. They really need to do their research before choosing their career. Once they have then they need to choose the educational program that also has their eyes on the future. This way they will be prepared.