There is a difference between having a job and having a career.

One of the decisions that most people have to make in life is whether they want a job or whether they want a career. This is a big decision to make. Then there are different requirements based on the decision.

Having a Job

Those that take on employment as a job usually have the priority of making money. They are in a situation where they need to be producing an income. This means that they have to search out jobs that require whatever set of skills they have. If they do not have any specific skills then they may be restricted to less paying jobs that require non-skilled labor.

There are some disadvantages that come with entering employment as a job. Most often there is a lot of competition as there are a vast number of people who are only interested in a job.

The other disadvantage is there may not be much of an opportunity for advancement.

Image result for Having a JobHaving a Career

A career takes a whole lot more planning and commitment compared to a job. First, there is the task of choosing which career an individual is interested in. This takes some careful thought because it involves their future. Then there is the training and education that the chosen career is going to demand. Some career choices require a lot more education which in turn demands a lot more time. During that time the student is not in a position to earn money. Except perhaps from part-time work.

The disadvantage of a career is that you are restricted in your job choices. Also, chances are you will have competition. But, once you are able to find employment in your field you will have better chances to climb the corporate ladder.