It can be difficult to decide that one wants a career, and it can be even more difficult deciding on which career to enter into. This selection of books may give the career minded individual more insight into this.

Image result for do what you areDo What You Are

This is a book written by Pau D. Tieger. It focuses on how to find the career that is going to suit you the best by learning the secrets of what your personality is. It means that time has to be spent on discovering who you are in order to really know what you want. It includes a personality assessment so you can determine which of the sixteen personality types that you fit into.

The Patfinder

This book not only deals with deciding on a career but perhaps changing the one you are in. It is written by Nicholas Lore. The author believes the information provided here will lead to a lifetime of success which will lead to job satisfaction. There are tests throughout the book that will broaden your thinking and creativity for a career decision.

What Color is Your Parachute?

A strange name for a book that is focusing on a career or changing to a completely new one but it is an attention grabber. It is written by Richard N. Bolles. It provides helpful information for choosing a career then it goes on to offer some great tips for job seekers. It outlines the normal stumbling blocks that come with job hunting and gives practical tips on how to get past them. This is also one of those books that gets you to focus on your wants and needs in the job market so you can choose a career that is most fitting for you. Most find this book to be most helpful in developing their career.