Image result for Maximize Your PotentialSometimes individuals have gone through the steps of getting the education they need for their career then they don’t know how to take the next step. These books may be beneficial in helping you get past that point.

Maximize Your Potential—

The foundation of this book is to learn how to grow your expertise. You are encouraged to do this by taking bold risks. If you do then the author Jocelyn Glei believes that you can build an amazing career. This book is part of the 99U series. The book has input from some brilliant minds that are well versed in career building. The book has many different components to it like how to create your own opportunities in the career world.

Love Your Job: The New Rules For Career Happiness

The title of this book really hits on a very important point when it comes to a career. In order to be truly successful in your career then you need to love your job. It is written by Kerry Hannon. The book is a guide to help you take each step necessary to find that job that is applicable to your career but one that you look forward to every day. A real career spoiler is when you dread going into work every day. If it is because you are in a job that is not suited for you.

Think and Grow Rich

Many people choose to have a career because of the financial stability it can bring. In this book Think and Go Rich it focuses on the success of others who made their fortune. This relates to careers because in this case you need to work to build your fortune. This book is considered to be a classic where much of what it contains is still applicable today. It was written by Napoleon Hill way back in 1937.