Career Launch With the Royal Bank of Canada

Image result for Career Launch With the Royal Bank of CanadaMost financial institutions like the Banks realize that the young graduates of today are going to be the future for the Bank. To protect their futures many of the Banks offer different types of programs to encourage young graduates to join their teams.

One Bank that has been established in Canada for a very long time is the RBC. This is one of the Banks that is encouraging careers in the banking industry through their career launch program that has been very successful for a lot of graduates.

Taking Advantage of Internship

The Career Launch program focuses on those graduates that have gotten their degree but don’t have the experience they need to get their career started. RBC realizes this is one of the biggest challenges that new graduates face. This is why they developed the RBC Career Launch program. This is a program that offers a one year paid internship. Currently, they are offering two types of internships which are;

  • The Indigenous People Internship
  • Summer Student Internship

These internships are developed so participants get to experience different segments of the banking industry throughout the year. For the first six months, they work at the banking level. Then the following three months are utilized in a charity setting. The final three months of the one year program are spent at the head office.

The Value of the Progam

A program that is so well structured as this can be of great value. For those job seekers that are using career orienteering techniques, this is certainly something that they should be adding to their career map.

Not only does the program give one experience in their career it gives them a chance to learn about the working world. It allows them to transition from the school setting to the work setting.