Related imageOnce you have created your career map you have to develop the proper skills for using it. Your career map is the blueprint for a journey in your life.


Each part of your career map is going to require preparation. Think of it this way. If you were about to start out on a road trip then you would prepare for this. For your career journey, you will have to determine what you need to get started.

If you map requires you to begin with your education then your map has helped you define which career you are entering into. Now you need to know what are the education requirements for this. What do you have to do? Most likely you will need to;

  • Research what courses you need to take
  • Where are these courses available to you
  • Get enrolled in them

This is the preparation for your journey. Each time you complete a segment of your map, then it is like a stopover on a travel map. It means that you will need to prepare for the next segment of the journey each and every time.

Stop Overs

Once your education is completed then this is your stopover. You now need to plan for the next phase. Your career mapping now needs to clearly define how you are going to start your career. This time your map will define your options which will include;

  • Where are there jobs available in your field
  • Set your entry-level requirements of that position
  • Review the positions to see which one meets your requirements

Now prepare yourself to navigate through this portion of your career map.

Using your map in segments like this will keep you much more motivated to navigate through it to your end destination. If there are roadblocks along the way you will need to have some detours on your career map.