Is The Us Going to Have a Shortage of Skilled Workers?

Image result for Skilled WorkersIn the past, it seems that the big issues with employment are that there are never enough jobs to go around. Now it seems that some countries are seeing a reverse situation. There are jobs opening up but not enough applicants that have the skills required to fill these positions.

Is the US Facing This Challenge?

Some experts believe that The President’s plan to do mega infrastructure that it is going to fall flat on its face. Simply because there will not be enough skilled workers to fill all of the positions that will be available.

The proposed plan for the infrastructure is to include enticing the private sector to participate. But, it is the private sector that is facing the realization that there may be a big problem with finding skilled labour. A situation that may be made even worse because of the new administration’s stance on immigration. Many of those who wish to migrate to the United States may have the skills that are required for the infrastructure.

US students may not be as keen on choosing careers that relate to infrastructure because they don’t know how viable it will be for them in the future. What happens once the mega infrastructure gets completed?

Does Canada Face a Shortage of Skilled Labour

To some degree, Canada is facing the same issues when it comes to skilled labour. However, they are not promoting the same level of infrastructure projects as what the United States is proposing. As a result, the skilled labour shortage impact is going to be delayed.

The Canadian government has recognized this as being a problem of the future and are trying to take steps to rectify it now. They are doing this by offering incentives to create an interest in the students of today. So that when the skilled labour is in high demand there will be career orientated individuals prepared to fill these positions.