Image result for The Importance of CareerCareer orienteering is all about finding the career that is best suited for you. The approach taken for this is different than other methods that are often used for helping to determine what career one wants to enter into.

Career Mapping

Part of career orienteering involves career mapping. Or some refer to it as career pathing. It is a technique that can be used for one to help discover the type of career they want to enter into. Or it can be used to develop a career path that has already been chosen.

The Importance of Career Orienteering

It allows you to create a clear plan for your career instead of just leaving it to change. Many graduates have already chosen their career and then just hope it is going to lead them to where they want to go in life. Others are not sure what they want to do with the rest of their life in the employment world. Career Orienteering can help them make this decision.

When one has a clear plan to follow then it helps to keep them organized. When they are organized then they can accomplish more. This type of technique for planning the future makes things clearer as the participant is able to identify their wants and needs when it comes to the working world.

Career Orienteering for Choosing a Career

This type of technique for career planning can be utilized before one chooses the career they want to enter into. By going through the career mapping it gives an outline as to the end goal and this helps the individual decide if this is what they want for their destination as a career. It can be an eye opener. Like any map It shows where you are going to end up and the stops along the way. A student can look at this to determine if this is the way they want to go.